Friday, March 10, 2023

What's New in 2023

OSS Nokalva is ready to support our customers in 2023 with tools that work in diverse, often complex, environments that require flexibility and reliability. For those working in rapidly evolving sectors, such as 5G and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), OSS is equipped to deliver solid, dependable solutions.

As ITS standardization continues at a rapid pace, milestones in this generational technology happen regularly. Now that 3GPP Release 17 has been finalized, development and deployment activities can progress in earnest. Moving forward, 3GPP will be working on Release 18 in 2023 and 2024. The OSS ASN.1 and NAS tools will continue to support new 3GPP and ITS standards.

OSS ASN.1 Tools

In 2023, OSS has released new versions of the OSS ASN.1 Tools that include the following new features and enhancements:

  • 3GPP Release 17 support and samples

  • ASN.1 Value Notation (AVN) encoding/decoding support in the ASN.1/C, ASN.1/C++, ASN./Java, and ASN.1/C# TOED runtimes

  • Convert ASN.1 binary encodings to AVN and vice versa

  • Memory Handling API support in the ASN.1/C RTOED runtime

  • Detect unknown extensions in SEQUENCE, SET, CHOICE (available in the ASN.1/C, ASN.1/C++, and ASN.1/Java Tools)

  • Convert ASN.1 binary messages to CSV and vice versa in the ASN.1/C, ASN.1/C++, and ASN.1/Java SOED runtimes

  • Convert binary data that represents Binary-Coded Decimal (BCD) numbers and IP addresses to standard text format and vice versa


The OSS NAS/C, NAS/C++, NAS/Java, NAS/C# Tools and NAS-1Step Tools will be upgraded to the latest versions of LTE and 5G Release 17. Support for 3GPP Release 18 will be added when it is available.

NEW Web App Subscription Plans

OSS Nokalva now offers subscription plans for our expanding suite of web apps, ASN.1 IO. These helpful apps complement your current ASN.1 or NAS Tools and we encourage you to give them a try. 

ASN.1 Playground

Compile, Encode, Decode

Provide your schema or use a standard one to encode or decode your data.


Document your schema

Create an HTML document from your schema with a few clicks.

Schema Analyzer

Improve your schema

Multiple rules across multiple categories can be used to improve your schema.

NAS Playground

Decode NAS Messages

Troubleshoot your NAS messages by converting them from binary to text.

PKI/DER Inspector

Inspect crypto data

Troubleshoot certificates, keys and other PKI data.

CDR Inspector

Call Data Records Decoder

Troubleshoot your CDR, detect BER encoding errors, find issues with schema, etc.

ASN.1 Python

Python all-source

Get the data bindings for your schema, encode, decode, validate your data.


Have JSON? Get ASN.1

Infer an ASN.1 schema from JSON with a few clicks.


Migrate Proto schema into ASN.1 schema

Try an international standard alternative for Google Protocol Buffers.


Microsoft Visual Studio extensions

Install this ASN.1 extension for your Visual Studio family of products to add an ASN.1 schema syntax highlighter and validator, with IntelliSense.

Please contact us at with any questions about the OSS ASN.1 Tools, OSS NAS Tools, and the new Web App subscription plans.

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